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Trunk Hose

Trunk Hose, also known as slops, were common leg coverings in period but are rarely seen at faires.  Stand out by wearing these to your next event!

Our full-cut Trunk Hose feature adjustable drawstring waist and leg openings.  They end between the hips and knees, much like a pair of shorts.  If you prefer your hose cut longer, contact us about making a pair of Venetian Trunk Hose just for you.

You can choose between several custom options, including stripes, padding and paning to create your perfect pair of Trunk Hose.  Pricing guidelines are given here, but prices may vary with the amount of work involved.  Contact us with your ideas - we can make it happen!

If you order a Doublet to match your Trunk Hose, we'll be glad to add points and eyelets to complete the period look.  Just ask!