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Frequently Asked Questions
Got a Question? We've Got an Answer!
Have a question? Check here first! Odds are, we've already answered it.

If you still have questions, email us. We love to talk to people!
Q Are you real?
A We are indeed real! We've been a registered business with the State of New York since 2002. Incidentally, that's why we have to charge sales tax to New York residents. Read all about us

Q Can I come to your shop? Or can I meet you in person?
A I'm afraid not. First of all, we don't have a physical storefront. Store space is expensive - operating over the Internet helps keep our costs down. Secondly, I've heard way too many horror stories about people meeting over the Internet to meet anyone in person. For that reason, we don't offer personal fittings. If you need your garment fitted in person (which we completely understand), you should try to find a seamstress in your area.

Q What if it doesn't fit?
A This very rarely happens. When you order, you'll be asked to supply some basic measurements (you can learn how to take them from our Size and Fitting page). We may then email you to ask for more measurements. If you're uncomfortable at any point during this process, just ask us for help!

If you've supplied accurate measurements and it still doesn't fit, email us immediately after receiving the garment. If you ship it back with pins and notes, we'll fix it for you.

Q How do I know what this will look like on me?
A There's no real way to tell from online pictures or from sketches. You should basically know what you're looking for and what it looks like on you when you place your order.

Additionally, you can try on garments from bridal shops or ready-to-wear retailers at your local faire to get an idea of what certain costumes will look like on you. Then, come back here and we'll make your chosen garb especially for you!

Q What if it arrives and I decide I don't like it?
A You should be absolutely sure that you'll be happy with your garb before sending us any money. We've tried to make the design and ordering process as easy and painless as possible and we'll happily guide you through every step.

Our Fabrics and Colors page may be particularly helpful in determining exactly what to order. We've described all our fabrics and, where possible, posted e-Swatches. All our colors are matched to Crayola crayon colors. If you have any question as to what color is being described, just get a box of crayons and check.

With all of these precautions, we're certain that you'll be satisfied with your final purchase. Remember, we cannot accept returns simply because you've changed your mind.

Q What if I place an order and then lose weight?
A First things first: Congratulations!

If you lose weight before your garment ships, we may still be able to alter it to your new measurements. Contact us and let us know your situation and your new measurements - we'll see what we can do.

If you've already received your garment and then lose weight over the next few months, you still have a few options. Many of our garments are laced - these can often adjust to be a size or two smaller. Our Aythir Bodice in particular is very adjustable. If it still doesn't fit, you can contact your local tailor. Local shops can often do alterations much more readily and inexpensively than we can.

Q Why is there a 2-4 week delay? I need my costume right now!
A There is a delay between the time you order and the time we ship your garment because we make every item individually. This ensures a custom fit every time and lets us provide you with the highest quality costumes out there.

Most of our garments will ship in a little over two weeks. Specialty orders will take longer. Some custom items, such as those made from a sketch or image you provide, or items that require a lot of handwork, may take up to 10 weeks. We'll always let you know the estimated shipping time of your order.

If you need your garments right away, we can still help. Email us with your timeline and your needs and we'll do our best to accomodate you. We do, however, charge an extra fee for rush orders.

Q Is your garb Faire/SCA/Guild compliant?
A Our garb tends to be "historically inspired" rather than "historically authentic/accurate". That is, we take our design cues from historic garments but use modern materials and techniques.

For instance, we use the fabrics and fibers which are easiest to care for and look best. These aren't always period; our crepe, satin, and velveteens are the most questionable fabrics. We use a combination of metal and hand-sewn eyelets, machine stitching, and other non-historic techniques.

Despite all this, most of our garb is acceptable for faire-wear, even if you're working there. The garb requirements for faires, kingdoms, and guilds changes from place to place, so be sure you know what the requirements are. We'd be happy to make completely period garments for you (hand-sewn eyelets, authentic patterns and fabrics, the works). All you have to do is ask and we'll provide you with a quote.

And we will never use princess seams on Tudor and Elizabethan garments. It's a pet peeve of Kat's.

Q I'm on a budget/ordering multiple items. Can I get a discount?
A I'm afraid we can't offer discounts on multiple items. We already keep our prices as low as possible - any more and we'd be losing money.

If you're on a tight budget, there are several things you can do. First, try ordering less expensive fabrics - it really does make a difference. Secondly, check our Packages. They offer good discounts on full costumes, so they're a perfect option for people on a budget. Finally, if you still can't find something to fit your budget, contact us! We can probably work something out.

Additionally, we do have discounts and special offers from time to time. Check our homepage for details.

Also, we offer special deals on orders for wedding parties. Contact us for details.

Q Where do you get all the illustrations you use on your site?
A The illustrations on our site come from a variety of sources. The majority are from a wonderful book called English Costume from the Fourteenth through the Nineteenth Century by Iris Brooke and James Laver. I recommend it to anyone who's looking to do costume research.

And in case you're wondering, I use illustrations on the site for whatever items I don't have physical pictures of. Since every item is custom made, I don't have a lot of garments on hand to take pictures of. I'll be posting images as I get them and will be posting more illustrations of my own whenever my scanner starts working again.