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Fabric Swatches
Digital Swatches
We've posted digital scans of some of our fabrics here. This way, you can see the fabric you're ordering before your garment arrives. Check back often to see new swatches as they're posted.
Embossed Velveteen

These are the three colors of our Embossed Velveteen (from top, Red Violet, Navy Blue, and Forest Green). You can clearly see the embossing pattern in the fabric.
Faux Suede

You can see the nap of our Faux Suede, shown here in Black, Burnt Orange, and Brown.
Pinwale Corduroy Pinwale Corduroy

As you can see, the wale of our Corduroy (shown in Cadet Blue and Navy)is quite fine, just as it was during the Renaissance.
Satin Sateen

Our cotton Sateen has a slight sheen, but is still meets sumptuary laws. Perfect for a more elegant middle-class look! Shown here in Wisteria, Violet, Natural, Scarlet, Forest Green, Cadet Blue, Navy, and Turquoise Blue.
Satin Satin

Our Satin is slightly duller than the usual "baroque" satin used in Renaissance costumes - we think it's much more period and looks richer. Shown here in Red Violet (Burgundy) and Grey.


China Silk
China Silk

Our soft, flowing China Silk gives you the look of 100% silk for much less - and it's washable, too! Shown in Tumbleweed (Tan), Black, Wisteria, Turquoise Blue, Forest Green, Scarlet, and Gold.
Cotton Broadcloth Cotton Broadcloth

With a fine weave and smooth texture, Cotton Broadcloth works well for almost all garments. Shown here in Gray, Tan (Tumbleweed), Turquoise Blue, Navy Blue, and Cadet Blue.
Cotton Twill
Cotton Twill

Our heavy-weight Cotton Twill has a slightly rougher texture than our Broadcloth, making it ideal for skirts, dresses, and doublets, especially for the lower classes. Shown in Cadet Blue, Turquoise Blue, Natural, Tumbleweed (Tan), Dandelion, and Brown.
Taffeta Taffeta

Our Taffeta has a touch of shine and some very fine wales running through it. It's a perfect, rich fabric for a noble skirt. Shown in Black, Navy Blue, and Scarlet.

One of our Jaquards is this scrollwork design, shown in Red Violet (Burgundy). We have many other Jaquard designs and a number of Brocades - just let us know what main color you'd like and we'll send you an e-Swatch of the fabrics we have.