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Men's Doublet

The Doublet was the garment of choice for wealthy merchants and the nobility.  It can be dressed up or down to suit your tastes and makes the perfect outer layer for any fine costume.

Our Doublets are designed for the best style, comfort, and durability available.  They're fully lined with breatheable cotton and feature a standing collar, front closure, and your choice of shoulder, waist, and other style options.  Price guidelines for "Other Style Options" are given here, but be sure to contact us for the final price.

All our Doublets are sleeveless, but you can add lace-on sleeves from our Accessories page.

We'd love to work with you to create the doublet of your dreams - so make sure to ask us about special trims, designs, and more.

Remember, if you order Trunk Hose to go with your Doublet, we can add points and eyelets for that perfect period look.