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Basic Corset

Unlike the stiff, painful corsets of the Victorian era and the Civil War South, Renaissance corsets are comfortable!  They're meant to give the wearer a smooth, conical shape, not to cinch in the waist.  Therefore, when wearing one of our corsets, you can actually breathe and move normally!  You have to try it to believe it!

Our Basic Corset laces up the back and is constructed with two sturdy layers of cotton duck and lined with a layer of soft flannel.  It's fully boned with industrial-grade synthetic boning, not steel, so it's machine-washable.  Synthetic boning can hold and support like the best steel, but will never rust or poke.  Of course, if it's steel you want, we can do that too!

Our tabbed corsets will support the heaviest skirts, but never pinch.  Our bone-tabbed corsets continue the corset's boning into the tabs, giving you the most comfortable fit of any corset you've ever worn.

Brocades and other special fabrics (as well as that steel boning) are available upon request.  We love to wear our special corsets with jeans or a skirt for a night on the town!