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Aythir Bodice

Aythir Bodice sketch

The Aythir Bodice is our most versatile bodice.  Fully reversible and boned in a minimum of 8 places, the Aythir Bodice offers unmatched comfort and support.  Like all our bodices, it's built to last.

The Aythir Bodice laces up the sides, at the shoulders, and up either the front, the back, or both.  That many lacing points creates an extremely adjustable bodice.  Whether compensating for the heat or accomodating a changing figure, the Aythir Bodice always works with you!

You should still order according to your regular size (see our Size Charts for standard sizing), but remember that the Aythir Bodice can adjust to be one size smaller and up to three sizes larger than the base size.

While you can order any fabric you like for the face side, for the best shaping and fit we prefer to use certain lining fabrics.  For a heavier, more supportive bodice, order cotton twill.  For a lighter bodice, order either cotton broadcloth or China silk.  Other reverse-side fabrics are available upon request.